Kids In The US Still Eat Too Much Added Sugar

Kids of today eat way too much sugar. In the United States, it's kind of hard not to, when stores advertise the cheap stuff with lots of sugar loaded in it. It's almost selling a drug on TV in a cartoon commercial, to ensure the kids will want to buy the products. They sell them candies and cookies loaded with sugar and carbs. The prices are just right and parents can afford them, hence the kids and the wired on sugar. The problem with all of the sugar is that parents are not focusing on healthy alternatives such as fruits or dried fruit for that matter, and as kids ask to eat more and more sugar than their tendency to develop diabetes increases.

Alternatives for kids eating a lot of sugar is to try to incorporate in their diets things that are sugar free, to teach them how to make cookies that have a lower sugar content, or promote sugar free cookies and candy that are sold in stores. The problem is though, that stores generally sell a lot of perishable products like cookies, cakes, and ice cream that are loaded with sugar and then kids become addicted to it.


As children get older and they end up having an allowance and they ask their parents for things that they can buy button to the grocery cart, as they get older than the end up buying those things for themselves and their children. That's why companies such as PepsiCo have so many items listed and as it relates to revenue and making money. Companies have all of these junk food items in colleges and schools in case the kids don’t have time to get to the store.

As a MCA motor club work from home mom I still try to get my children to eat food good for them. I want to avoid them from becoming a statistic of the information presented above.

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