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It's 2018, and everything is different

Digital marketing has changed. It's gone again, modern and to establish, measurable and professional.

It means that you have to adapt. But it's a good thing!

Why is it good? Because digital marketing is now a completely skill-based game. And the skills can be learned!

The days when the success of digital marketing is too often based on pure luck (anyone viral marketing ???) are definitely gone.

This means that you need an online marketing strategy to survive, and if you already think you have one, you probably need a better one.

But, if "strategy" is a dreaded word for you, let me tell you this in Jack Welch's words: "In real life, the strategy is actually very simple. You choose a general direction and implement like hell. ".

And when you do that, then there is a big chance for all of us in 2018. And we, I mean all the small players in the digital marketing field.

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