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Build Your Mailing List Faster - Tips To Build Your List

Build your mailing list faster - The tips on this page are sorted in no particular order and they aren't meant as a step-by-step plan to follow from start to finish. Instead, this guide is exactly what you need when you're thinking "I want to work on my mailing list, but I don't know what to do".

Scroll through this list and you'll quickly find one or more things that you hadn't thought of before. Plus, most of these tips can be implemented in a matter of minutes or, at most, hours. So, there's nothing stopping you from getting right to it, as soon as you find a tip that appeals to you.

Add an Opt-In Form to Your 'About Page"
Check your analytics and you'll probably find that your about page gets quite a lot of traffic. And if you don't have an about page, you should try adding one. It's the go-to page for new visitors who are curious to know more about you, your business or your brand.

Increase your list growth by adding an opt-in form in two locations on this page:

Right after the opening paragraphs and a summary about the main benefits you offer (this is for the readers with a short attention span).
At the very end of the page (this is for those who read the whole page).

Interrupt Your Visitors
Lightbox opt-in forms (also wrongly referred to as "popups") are annoying, yes. They're annoying because they interrupt your visitor in the middle of doing something else, such as reading one of your posts or watching a video. But that doesn't stop lightbox forms from being highly effective. Before you dismiss this type of opt-in form completely, test it on your site and see what kinds of results you get with it.

Catch Your Visitors Before They Leave
A less annoying alternative to the usual lightbox opt-in form is one that doesn't interrupt the visitor until they're about to leave your site anyway. This is what's usually called an "exit-intent" trigger: once the visitor is about to close the tab or about to hit the back button on the browser, the lightbox pops up with an opt-in offer.

​Be warned: while this type of opt-in form is less annoying than an interrupting lightbox, it's usually also a lot less effective.

I will leave this guide on build your mailing list faster. there is more until next post. also check out my blog

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