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Date Posted: 2017-08-23 Author: poolsky Blog: Default Viewed: 6804 Comments: 0 print

Fashion long curly hair DIY

For a girl who wants to achieve a one-shot hair effect, nothing beats a DIY curl. Don't envy han liu star's egg roll head and the air is hot, as long as learn the following small method at home you can also diy beauty! Brazilian hair wigs Wholesale

1. The long curly hair of the egg roll is DIY
First, you need to prepare a three-tube clip with curling iron and straighten your hair. Divide the hair into two parts and clip the top half of the hair with a clip. After preheating the curling iron, you can make a shape. Use a three-tube clip to iron your hair. Wave the hair in a wave and then the wave will be hot, the first half of the hair will be hot, and then the lower part of the hair will be hot.
2, the air is hot and the long hair is DIY
First of all, you should choose a fine curling iron, which will be treated with a curling iron. Note that the hair below should be rolled up to the roots, and the hair on the top will not be rolled to the roots. Roll the inner layer to the roots, the volume of the volume will be less, and the unkiness of the volume will be better. The top layer of hair curls up to 1/3 of the justvirginhair brazilian hair, so that the outline of A is more prominent. After the full volume of hair, the hair roll is pulled open with the finger, spray on the styling water, the air with a fluffy fashion is finished.
Long curly hair dyed in fashion
The modelling that has a perm still needs to match outstanding color to make a medium long hair more fashionable tide. MM look at the following fashion long roll dyeing scheme, let the street be a fashion icon!
1. Texture film dyeing
Avril lavigne is very fond of the piece dyed hair, the film effect is like water ripple natural, won't be like in the past rice pink, light orange pick dye that blunt, look individual vogue.
2, highlights
If you don't like large swathes of hair, it's a good idea to pick a few strands of wigs, and pick up the hair to find a playful touch in the monotony of hair color.
3. Chestnut, brown and date red
These classic color hair color will not let you thunder sentient beings, but also can highlight the sense of taste.
How to deal with the long liu hai in fashion´╝îFor more information, please check justvirginhairs hairs wigs.

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