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The Traffic Situation

Most of the people who own several digital properties with the effort to promote their business/personal brand have the challenge of creating, maintaining, sustaining and increasing their traffic to the several websites, social media outlets and other outlets they own.

Obviously, We have heard, read several times about the paid and organic model to generate traffic. The paid model includes several options such all these networks out there to buy traffic from. The organic model and the seo approach, with all the linking, the keyboard search system, the optimization of your web properties, and so on.

My question to you is, which one you have used that it has proven to work? Have you been able to track the REAL ROI process, where you can actually see where your traffic is coming from, and that in fact, is generating new leads, and therefore new business to you?

Obviously, We need to take into consideration the conversion rate, where your visitors stay in you site, engage and perhaps leave his/her email to further interact with you and your business. We have the ubiquitous landing page, the USP (unique sale proposition) or perhaps the important free report in exchange for their email.

I am in the process of implementing my own traffic generation process and start to track and measure ROI.

I would like to hear from you and share your experiences in regards to all these situations.
Thank you!

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