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Date Posted: 2015-04-20 Author: Webtizing Blog: WeightLoss Viewed: 1500 Comments: 1 print

Carb Blockers With InSea2 Work

Introduction To Carb Blockers

Carb Blockers with InSea2 is a product that helps you manage your blood sugar and body weight without necessarily having to change your diet. Problems associated with high intake of sugar, starch and carbohydrates go a long way in causing severe health problems such as excessive weight gain and other blood sugar related medical complications. The American Heart Association's recommendation puts the amount of sugar consumption to just 22 pounds annually. Weight loss reviews show we consume much more then the 22 lbs. We rarely abide by this recommendation, and for that reason we need an intervention.

Food We Eat Can Increase Blood Sugar

Sugars fall into two distinct categories namely monosaccharaides and polysaccharides. The latter category includes small chains of sugars such as sucrose, maltose, and lactose as well as complex chains such as starch. However, monosaccharaides are the only sugars that can be absorbed directly into the body. Other forms of sugar need digestion to break them down into monosaccharaides (simple sugars) such as glucose, galactose or fructose before they can be absorbed. This is a two-step process that involves two enzymes namely alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidases.

How Does Carb Blockers Work And Benefits

Some carb blockers have the ingredient InSea2 which is naturally found in brown sea weed. InSea2 has been clinically proven to inhibit the α-amylase and α-glucosidases enzymes successfully limiting their activities in the body. Normally, glucose levels in the body go high after meals which in turn cause insulin levels to rise. This is due to the conversion of starch and sugars into glucose which the body then absorbs into the blood stream.Taking a carb blocker with InSea2 reduces the amount of glucose in the blood by inhibiting sugar and starch digestion consequently lowering insulin levels in the body. This will help a person lose weight and slim down. Combine this carb blocker with a weight loss drink for a great weight loss combination. Plexus has garcinia cambogia in it. This is a fruit extract that will curb a persons appetite and is in many other weight loss products.

Number of Comments Posted: 1
Posted By: Webtizing Posted On: 2015-04-20

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Carb Blockers

While many health living interventions will require you to make radical changes in diet and lifestyle, carb blockers do not necessary need such changes to help you slim down. They will naturally inhibit starch conversion to glucose. You do not have to worry as the glycemic index of the foods we eat is significantly reduced by taking this wonderful product making sugary foods safer for consumption . The glucose levels in our body are maintained at a healthy level which ensures that there is no excess glucose to be converted into fats. This achieves two important health targets; weight loss and improved insulin sensitivity.

Taking Carb Blockers with InSea2 is a hustle free weight management plan as it does not involve drastic dietary changes or intensive exercise. The InSea2 ingredient is a natural product found in brown sea weed which has been clinically proven to work. It absorbs the carbs in your stomach when you eat food.


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