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Date Posted: 2015-04-20 Author: Webtizing Blog: healthtips Viewed: 416 Comments: 0 print

Fiber Is The Diet Workhorse

Fiber is an excellent tool to help your body to expel waste. Fiber comes in many forms and that's one of the reasons why you want to work to incorporate it into your diet and make sure that you have some form of fiber every day. Fiber is great to add to any meal as it comes in fruits and vegetables that you eat throughout the day or you can have fiber in your cereal, but always make sure you have a source of fiber like Metamucil.

Incorporate Fiber Into Your Diet

One way to incorporate fiber into meals is to have a side salad with every meal. For example, if you think that you want to have red meat with your food, like a small steak, with maybe shrimp on the side, a baked potato, add a big hearty salad because fiber is always good. Just watch your butter and try not to fry your shrimp! The point being that fiber can help aid in digestion of all the meat and protein.

Fiber Aids In Digestion

You can even have fiber in the form of a dessert, like a yogurt that you add a lot of fruit to, as the fruit is a source of fiber – keep the skins on the apples for added benefits. Another option is that Metamucil with a glass of water if you have trouble tolerating raw fruit or if it doe not work fast enough. Remember, you're eating to live, and your diet and eating have to be about balance. You can also use that fiber enhancement if you have a lot of protein, like chicken, fish or turkey as the fiber will help your food go down. You can use an enhancement like Metamucil or have a sweet potato and a good healthy portion of vegetables.

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