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Electronic Pickups for stringed instruments

Electronicpickups™ are pickups for stringed instruments, unlike traditional pickups they do not use coils or piezo's They are completely build up fromelectronic components. Some advantages are:
Much higher dynamics than traditional pickups, so the difference between na soft and a hard struck note is much louder than with the traditional pickups. Very high channel separation, or very low signal crossover. This makes it possible for instance by a 12 string guitar, to pickup each of the double strings separately or in groups. Al-thus creating a unique sound, much like two different guitars at the same time. More information and some clips you van find on:
The high channel separation makes them ideally suited for use as hexaphonic pickup for driving V-guitar systems or guitar synths. Electronicpickups™ can be made very thin, so they can be placed under the strings of for instance a zither. Because electronic pickups do not use coils they work very well on metal covered nylon strings. With a little trick they can also be used for nylon strings without metal cover
Electronic pickups are insensitive for magnetic fields, this makes them ideally suited to use in a feedbacksystem with a magnetic actuator. The feedbackguitar is a guitar that pickups the sound of the vibrating strings with Electronicpickups™. These pickups are insensitive for magnetic fields, this makes them ideally suited to use in a feedbacksystem with a magnetic actuators. We have build a feedback guitar, whereby each string is pickedup seperately (hexaphonic) and sent to an actuator per string. This way a truly heaxahonic feedback system is created. Whereby each string can be controlled individually. The hexaphonic output can be sent to hexaphonic guitar processors that are compatible with the GK series of Roland. More information and some clips you van find on:
Electronicpickups™ can be used to separate or combined pickup of zither strings, the pickups give unknown sound to the instrument, they take of the tinny sound of the acoustic of the instrument and give it the dept and all other known sounds of the electric guitar and bass combined. By picking strings separately you can also be pan or give the string or group a unique effect.

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