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Date Posted: 2011-03-28 Author: yaholin Blog: Default Viewed: 495 Comments: 0 print

Heart and Spinal Cord

Those who foolishly and superficially identify the heart with the Soul are either obliged, accepting that the heart is mortal, to reject any possibility of afterlife experience or, failing to realize the mortality of the heart, persist in identifying it with the Soul even though it fails to meet the criterion of eternity proper to the Soul, irregardless of whether such an ‘eternity’ is more of a permanent condition (of almost cannibalistic self-consumming by the spinal cord in an inner illumination or incandescence) than of indefinite duration due to the inevitability of the ‘petering out’ of the Self, the Soul, the spinal cord, the central nervous system, call it by what name you like, in due process of self-consumption, a process proceeding in tandem with – though eventually overhauled by – the extensive decomposition of one’s mortal remains, so that it could be said that the ‘inner light’ is fated to be smothered or overhauled by the darkness of its own negation.
But if this is the afterlife ‘in naturalis’ or, rather, ‘supernaturalis’, which those fated for burial rather than cremation are more likely to experience, particularly in the case of males, then it still leaves much to be desired from the standpoint of durational eternity, which, as I teach, can only transpire in the event of ‘man’s overcoming’ through substance-motivated (communal) cyborgization – such that, within the context of ‘Kingdom Come’, would preclude death and, hence, the need for birth through reproduction, allowing life to continue indefinitely on a basis parallel to that of what has been described above without risk of its ‘fizzling or petering out’, but with a controlling element that allows it to be switched on and off according to convenience.

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