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Date Posted: 2011-03-20 Author: yaholin Blog: Default Viewed: 475 Comments: 0 print


Woman  – symbol of man’s shame.
Few would deny that classical music is a whole lot finer – and more subjective – than rock, despite its depressingly state-hegemonic orientation whenever dominated by either strings or brass if not, in many instances, by both, to the detriment of metaphysics (wind). Nonetheless, rock is axially relevant to church-hegemonic criteria, as, in a higher way, is new-age electronica, and therefore not a music that finds its sensible 'fineness' in physics over pseudo-chemistry at the southeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, in a neutron-like acoustic bowing remove from electron-dominated rock strumming/singing. It is also a music, despite its innate crudities, that allows the musician to express his feelings directly, not hampered by a score such that, in the classical context, always reflects a neutron-like physical predilection towards knowledge and thus the vitiation if not extinction of soul as germane not to what is expressed on the printed score but to what resides within independently of outward show.
To be friends with a particular person, you need to have got away from people in general.
God or, as I prefer to say, godliness, is Heaven perceived from the outside, like candlelight from the flame, and the ratio of the one to the other can change, depending on the stage of metaphysical evolution and of one’s relationship to it. But there is no real distinction between God and Heaven, despite appearances to the contrary, since there would be no candlelight without candleflame, no evidence of superconscious joy (truth) without the joy of the superconscious (soul) to begin with.  Therefore when we speak of the One ... we mean that metaphysical free psyche is centred in soul (heaven) and that the appearance of this soul from the outside (god) does not differ in any marked way from the soul as experienced within but, rather, confirms its beingful condition as a reflection of joy (truth). Thus God and Heaven, truth and joy, are one and the same superconscious reality - a reality which is noumenally transcendent in its universality and devoid of any physical or personal associations whatsoever.
With an autocracy there is only one ruler – namely the king or king-equivalent, more usually a military dictator.  With a democracy, on the other hand, you get a choice of semi-autocratic collectivities called parties, only one of which – barring coalitions – will govern you.  The Party elects its own leader, who acts as a kind of party autocrat, hiring and firing as he sees or, rather, thinks fit.
Trust is in what is; faith is in what could be.
Sunday 6th February, 2011 – started to copy some Gary Moore CDs onto my new laptop, having concentrated on other musicians during the previous 6-8 weeks since its purchase.  Later on, that evening, heard over the Radio Four News that he had died in a hotel-room in Spain earlier that day.  Shocked and amazed.  He was my age – 58.
Gary Moore wouldn’t be my favourite guitarist; he wouldn’t even be my favourite singer; but as a leading guitarist who also sang and sometimes sang his heart out, I can think of none better.

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