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Date Posted: 2011-03-20 Author: yaholin Blog: Default Viewed: 478 Comments: 0 print

A Taboo on 'Fathers'

To say ‘father’ to a priest is something I could never do, nor want to do.  It would put me in the unenviable position of being a ‘son’, but that is merely, in relation to Christianity and, in particular, to Christ, the bound soma (crucifixional paradigm) of metaphysics, a shortfall from the free psyche of the ‘father’ – and more representatively of heavenly soul -  in relation to a full complement of metaphysics, who and/or which doesn’t exist in the Western tradition except peripherally and on a surrogate basis in terms of ‘fathers’, i.e. Catholic priests.
But I am the intellectually-bovaryized personification – call it superpersonification – of free psyche, and to a degree beyond the comprehension, I wager, of most if not all priests.  I am, in a sense, the ultimate free or, rather, superfree thinker, a veritable ‘philosopher king’ whom it would be difficult if not impossible to surpass.  I could never kowtow to priests, whom I despise for being dominated, through the Old Testament, by Creatorism, i.e, by Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father in and as the noumenally objective embodiment of metachemical free will, the very thing that precludes all but a resurrectional straining on the leash towards metaphysics in the crucifixional paradigm of the so-called ‘true Cross’ by what is an extrapolation, in Catholic Christianity, from the Judaic anchor, so to speak, of the Middle East, an extrapolation, moreover, that has to accommodate and, to a degree, transcend ‘the world’ of the mass Catholic position below before approximating – and then imperfectly – to an axial antithesis to the aforementioned ‘Creator’, whose fundamentally somatic basis in metachemistry ensures that the Christ ‘On High’ remains figurative and thus well short of signifying, in male-hegemonic abstraction, anything or, rather, anyone freely psychic and, hence, properly metaphysical.
Hence the Judeo-Christian anachronism vis-a-vis global civilization in its alpha-stemming or formative manifestation, which only the paradoxical exploitation of the democratic process in certain traditionally church-hegemonic countries to a religiously sovereign end will enable us not merely to overhaul but, with the emergence of the Social Theocratic Centre, effectively consign to the ‘rubbish heap of history’, where it will join all those other bovaryized religions rooted in Creatorism that can have no place in ‘Kingdom Come’, a kingdom centred, metaphysically, in Heaven the Holy Soul.

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