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Date Posted: 2011-03-20 Author: yaholin Blog: Default Viewed: 497 Comments: 0 print

An Important Distinction

The alpha-oriented and alpha-stemming distinction between decadent bourgeois civilization (Protestant secularism) and proletarian barbarism, the degeneration of Western civilization (in relation, for instance, to female priests or, rather, vicars, ministers, etc.) and the inception of global civilization (in relation, for instance, to feminism), the former of which overhauled, in its inception, the medievalism of Catholic Christianity, the latter of which has still to be overhauled, democratically, by the inception of global civilization-proper in terms of the transcendentalism of Social Theocratic Centrism, the ‘Superchristianity’, as it were, of ‘Kingdom Come’, which presupposes a majority mandate for religious sovereignty conceived as the sovereign ne plus ultra and means whereby not only ‘man’ can be ‘overcome’ but, more importantly, transfigured towards his evolutionary successor, the cyborg, who will be completely beyond what passes for God, i.e. Devil the Mother, in his enhanced metaphysical capacity for Heaven.

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