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Date Posted: 2011-03-20 Author: yaholin Blog: Default Viewed: 530 Comments: 0 print

Britain and the Jews

Anti-Semitism is not natural, one might say, to the British; they remain axially aligned with Jews both ‘on high’, Judaically, and ‘down below’, Bolshevistically (or what used to be such prior to a number of transmutations, including radical Social Democracy), that is, to Jews behind Anglican Monarchism and beyond Puritan Parliamentarianism, so that they could be described as being (or of having been) flanked by more extreme manifestations, up and down the axis, of state-hegemonic/church-subordinate criteria, even, in radical Social Democracy, to a near-absolute degree.
In contrast to the Americans, however, the British would traditionally have been more drawn to Bolshevism than to Judaism, given the contrast of political emphasis with America which, in Britain, focuses on ‘the below’ rather than ‘the above’, the sensible/pseudo-sensual phenomenal as opposed to the sensual/pseudo-sensible noumenal, that is, physics/pseudo-chemistry as against metachemistry/pseudo-metaphysics, so that, to give a sporting analogy, the British favour association football rather than rugby football, whereas the Americans favour American football (their kind of rugby equivalent) to soccer.

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