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We have great WOW news!
Anoox, the non-profit Social network that is small business focused and Search engine that is People powered, announces final release version 12 after more than 10 years of development; with zero funding from VCs and Wall Street but via support from our global volunteers and small business members. During this journey, Anoox has reached over 2 million members, with 1000s more joining per week and a notable average 7.71 Million
views per month.
Why are these such important stats?
Because in last 20 Years only 1 other Internet company has achieved such major status without VC and Wall Street funding
Why we took no VC Wall Street funding and instead built this amazing network with Donations and volunteers?
We did it for YOU
  1. So that YOU can have a Social network and Search engine that puts your interest on Main Street above profit and share prices on Wall Street
  2. So that YOU can have a network dedicated to fostering freedom of expression, freedom of information and an open internet
  3. So that YOU can have a network dedicated to delivering much lower cost of Advertising to small businesses
So Anoox version 12 is out, it is full featured now as a Social network and a People powered search engine; it is stable, bug free, massively scalable and fast. Above all, it is a joy to use, with most applications being single page applications (SPAs) for the best user experience. Via this version 12 release you will be able to:
  • Get social to get the best answers out and discuss today's issues based on shared interests; as a result, meet new business contacts and clients and get more free traffic
  • Contribute to the People powered search engine, so we have Choice when it comes to all-important search engine, to Google's™ monopoly over search
  • Connect with your family, friends and co-workers by sharing your photos, videos, stories, etc.
  • Be organized and productive via My-2nd-Brain, your personal search engine, an AI based note taking service
  • And much more, such as have private secure worldwide Chat, take Polls
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