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Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network, toward our collective goal of empowering our members while fostering a vibrant social network; gives you free traffic based on Anoox Points you earn. You earn Anoox Points simply by asking, answering, sharing and discussing Today's issues or issues you are expert in or passionate about, and based on other Members liking you, your answers or what you have shared; and based on some other factors that demonstrate you being a good and caring member of this one of a kind network.
How does this work?
Members can like you and what you have shared, and they can also dislike it by reporting it as being spam, fake, non-sense, etc.
The likes increase your Anoox points, and dislikes will lower your Anoox points. Your Anoox points map into your Anoox ranking.
The higher your Anoox points and ranking, then the more People will view your Profile and in your profile you can list your Site URL, resulting in free traffic.
Details & List of ways you can earn (or lose) Anoox Points
Zero SPAM or Fake Message Policy