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As the only non-profit collective search engine & social network, we do something quite unique: we give you free Traffic based on you thoughtfully sharing what you know and discussing Today's issues, toward our common goal of getting the best Answers out, getting the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom - in contrast to Fake News and Product reviews that cover much of the Big Media.
Ways you can share what you think and like:
Thoughtfully answer and discuss questions and discussions posted by other members -
Start a conversation about a breaking News or an issue you are curious about -
Improve the search results of Anoox People Powered Search engine by voting for and reviewing listings -
How do I actually get the Free Traffic?
  1. When you thoughtfully share and discuss what you know and like about Today's issues or issues you are expert in, whether via Anoox Answers or Search engine:
    you can earn Anoox Points, based on others liking what you have posted
    All the ways you can earn Anoox Points
    Your Answer liked
    1 Point
    Your Question liked
    2 Points
    Your Discussion liked
    2 Points
    Each person that likes You
    4 Points
    Each Friend request accepted
    1 Point
  2. Your Anoox Points then map into your Anoox ranking
    Between 0 and 25
    Between 25 and 50
    Between 50 and 75
    Between 75 and 100
    Between 100 and 125
    Between 125 and 150
    Between 150 and 175
    Between 175 and 200
    Between 200 and 225
    Between 225 and 250
    Between 250 and 275
  3. Your Anoox points, and/or ranking, then tell other members and the Public at large, in a glance, as to how engaged, trustworthy & knowledgeable you are
  4. The higher your Anoox points then the more People will click on your nick-name to goto your Profile page
  5. And in your Profile page you can list your Web Site URL, what products or services you are offering, or seeking; etc. means for getting Free Traffic
ATTENTION: Do not SPAM or post FAKE messages. We have ZERO such policy - More.
If you are here to be part of this Collective to get the best Answers out, get the Truth out, based on freely sharing & discussing what you think and like, then you can expect to get more and more Free Traffic from Anoox based on what you have shared and how much others have liked what you have shared. OTOH, if you are here just to get free Traffic, which means to SPAM, then you wont get any since we have ZERO Policy toward SPAM and FAKE messages.