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Q1 - What does it mean that Anoox search engine is People Powered?

Q2 - How do we as Anoox members get the best Answers out? Get the Truth out?

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Q5 - What is exactly My-2nd-Brain and is it Free?

Q6 - How do I access My-2nd-Brain and take and retrieve Notes?

Q7 - How do I create a Poll and add it to my Site for Free?

Q8 - How do I create a Survey and add it to my Site? And is it totally Free?

Q9 - What happens after someone Friends me?

Q10 - What is the difference between "Friend me" and "Follow me"?

Q11 - How is it that Anoox is the only non-profit Search engine & Social Network?

Q12 - How can I access my Anoox Free Chat Service?

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