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Message to our community about COVID-19
With the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of CoronaVirus (aka COVID-19), we would like to reassure you our members, readers & advertisers across the Globe that our small staff of full time employees and volunteers from around the World are working hard to ensure that Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network will be operating smoothly to remain as your trusted source of unbiased information and means for Worldwide communication and collaboration and effective low cost advertising for small businesses that need this non-profit Search engine & Social network more than ever. Throughout these challenging times, as per our founding charter, we will remain dedicated to putting People above Profits to ensure freedom of information, freedom of communication, access to knowledge for all and small business focus -
We are in a most remarkable circumstances due to the disruption to life and business caused by COVID-19. This pandemic makes clear our global interconnected economies, health and well being. We have no precedent for the challenges that this pandemic imposes on us, but we shall do our best to support our members, users and advertisers, as always, via this one of a kind Search engine & Social network that is free of any profits and share prices on Wall Street, dedicated to our Collective well being, dedicated to
Public Service

We want to acknowledge the invaluable work of all our volunteers and members that make Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network possible. Most importantly, we are proving that, in a time of "Social distancing", we can celebrate our Human Union by coming together in this Social network, dedicated to putting People over Profits ("POP"): to share facts and information, to get the best answers out, get the Truth out, meet safely online; while supporting one another and empowering countless Small businesses who depend on this network for their growth and survival during normal times and specially now during these CoronaVirus driven difficult times.

You can be assured that we shall keep working on 24/7 basis to be your reliable source for fact based neutral information via our People powered search engine & Social network. Now, as always, our priority shall be to remain the Search engine & Social network that puts your interest, the Public Service, above all else.

Remain healthy and happy

Dean Ansari,
Managing Director

About us
Anoox was formed back in 2004 by a group of Internet visionaries who have been involved with the Internet since its very beginning in 1996, who realized that too much of the incredible value that the Internet can generate was and is going to the Wall Street based Big Businesses and the Billionaire class, rather than to Small Businesses and the "regular People" on Main Street. And that the only way to right this imbalance would be through a non-profit Social network & Search engine. A Social Search Network that would put People over Profits ("POP") and Share prices on Wall Street. This task has proven to be a Herculean one to put it mildly, since whereas our Wall Street peers get Billions and Billions from Wall Street, we get Zero from Wall Street and instead are dependent on Volunteers, Donations and sale of Advertising. But we somehow pulled through and that is why Anoox is the only one of its kind.
Our Manifesto
Key Facts About Us
Key Reasons to Join
Our Manifesto
  • Foster freedom of information and expression, by offering real Choice in regard to all important Search engine & Social network - More
  • Do not Track peoples activities and then follow them around with creepy Ads. People's data is their data. Period - More
  • Reward members who are here to do GOOD with Free Traffic, and quickly get rid of those posting SPAM or Fake messages - More
  • Deliver much lower cost of Advertising to Small businesses - More
  • Be an Enabler rather than a Decider
  • Strive for an open Internet
  • Be Totally Transparent
  • Do not be driven by buzzword Du jour but deliver real technology: "Make it as simple as possible but no simpler"
  • For a better World SAVE Billions for Main Street rather than be a Billionaire on Wall Street
  • Donate most of any Profits you make to organization working to make Maximum Social & Environmental IMPACT- More
Key Facts About Us
  • We have been under development for more than 10 Years and on May/2019 released Full Version 12 - details
  • We are developed and maintained by a Global community, mainly working on Volunteer and some on Full time basis
  • We have 2.39 Million Members with 1000s more Joining every Week - Join
  • We have a notable average 5.30 Million* views per Month - Help Spread Anoox
  • We are, as far as we know, the only non-profit Search engine & Social network in in the World - for good reasons
Key Reasons to Join
  • You can contribute to Anoox Human Powered Search Engine project, so that we have a real Choice to Google™ Monopoly over Search
  • You can get social on the network that is dedicated to empowering YOU on Main Street and not Hollywood celebrities and Billionaires
  • You can know your searches & social activities are not being Tracked, so you have your Data & Privacy intact and are Free of Creepy Ads following you around
  • You can meet New Friends/Clients and get more Free Traffic by simply answering questions you are expert in and sincerly dicussing Today's issues
  • You can share stories, photos, videos, polls, etc. for Private discussions with friends, family, or co-workers from around the World
  • You can securely take Notes via My-2nd-Brain, to remember everything important to you, recover them via Natural Language from anywhere and device
  • You can securely Chat with your family, friends and clients via your Anoox private chat channel, whether you are on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone
  • You can Help grow your Small business by coming together in this Collective dedicated to supporting Small businesses on Main Street
We give 100% of Profits away
Social & Environmental Causes
It is a privilege to share our story and manifesto with you, and the values that have guided us since our founding and are guiding us to go forward. We hope that many other businesses will follow suit and like us put Social and Environmental causes above Profits and Share prices on Wall Street. We truly believe that the world would be a better place if more businesses were driven by meaningful causes rather than driven by maximizing profits and share prices. These facts have become crystal clear with the incredible disruption to the business & life due to CoronaVirus, where many small businesses will suffer, even go out of business, because they have no access to low cost Advertising
, and no access to Capital. Whereas the 0.1% Wall Street connected businesses will be able to access 100s of Millions of Dollars even Billions of Dollars, samples of which you can see here and here, to dominate even more markets, to have even more of the immense value that the Internet can generate going to the Wall Street based Businesses. A most unfair markets, that we can address by coming together in this unique non-profit Collective Search engine & Social network and supporting one another, as a result of which we can be Richer based on our Collective support of one another - Get Involved.
Managing Director -
B. Dean Ansari