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Choice is good
Choice is healthy
Choice is empowering
Choice makes for Better LIFE

To see these facts instantly, consider some analogies:

Imagine, if our choice for eating World Wide was pretty much limited to Wall Street based McDonalds™?

Imagine, if our choice for Shopping World Wide was pretty much limited to Wall Street based WalMart™?

Imagine, if our choice for buying Autos World Wide was pretty much limited to one Auto maker?

You can Imagine what a drab, unhealthy, stifling, nightmarish World that would be.

Well, the same nightmarish scenario, will be the case in regard to information and commerce if our choice for finding things World Wide was limited to one Wall Street based search engine (1). Because there is one TRUISIM that has held through out the ages, and that is the fact that:

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts

And of course the entity that is holding this Power, this Absolute Power, will always say that:
"We are going to do NO evil..." (2)
but of course that is what they always say those who hold Absolute Power.

So the current search engine market where People are led to believe their only choice for searching is pretty much Google™, is not good for the People, that is consumers of search results, and not good for Advertisers, specially if those Advertisers are small businesses which cannot afford the ever spiraling higher cost of Advertising that is inevitably associated with one search engine dominating the market.

That is why we need more Choices. That is why we need a search engine like Anoox that is a real choice to Google, a search engine Powered by the People (aka Crowd Wisdom). Because more real Choices, more real competition, is the Key to better, healthier and more empowering Life (aka YOU).

But since we have NO Wall Street Funding, we have NO Wall Street Billions like Google, we need YOU to Get Involved.

Now you think having C h o i c e is something to take lightly, something that Wall Street powers do not want to take away from you, then consider how Google has been Manipulating its search results to suppress competing companies such as your Anoox non-profit search engine - More.

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