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Our goal here at Anoox is to collectively share and discuss Today's issues to get the Best answers out, to get the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom. Toward this goal we operate on non-profit basis, so that no profit or share price motivations on Wall Street influence or limit our mission; we provide you with a host of Free services to Get Social toward our collective goal of getting the Best answers out, getting the Truth out; and we give you more Free Traffic, based on how People like what you have shared.

Anoox Free services for Getting Social are:
Via this service you can post Questions about Today's current news or any of the 200 Topics that we cover. The conversation are then broadcast to members interested in this subject. Members can then post replies and likes and thereby collectively, via crowd wisdom, we arrive at the Best answers and the Truth. A by-product of this collective sharing of knowledge is that you can get more free traffic to your Site based on how members and public at large likes your replies.
Ask My Question Post My Answers
Before starting your own conversation answer other members conversations first.
The more people that like your answers, the more members will join your conversation.
Search Engine
The fact is that the 1st place most People goto to get their Answers is the Search Engine. So here at Anoox we do something quite extraordinary, we actually offer a Search engine. A search engine where the results are collectively created, via crowd wisdom. So the more Social you are on Anoox to be part of the effort to provide Choice in regard to the all important Search Engine, the more you will be rewarded by the community and people at large.
Submit My Site More Info
You can affect the search results by Voting a listing Up or Down.
You can improve the search results by Reviewing listings under a given search.
Polls & Surveys
Another fact is that sometimes the only way to get the Best answers out, to get the Truth out, is via Numerically tallying the collective crowd wisdom, which means doing so via Polls. So your Anoox account gives you free Polls that you can create and embed into your Site. The collective wisdom that you collect via your Anoox Polls, can then answer your questions on local level as well as become part of Anoox Social Search Network, hence sending your Site much free Traffic.
More Info
If you do not have a Site, you can embed your Polls into your Anoox Questions, Blogs, etc.
You can link multiple Polls together to create a Survey, by just giving them the same Name