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AnooX Ask & Answer - Share your Knowledge for ultimate Networking affect

AnooX also enables you to Ask your Questions from real People, from AnooX social network members, for Free. Why is this so valuable? Because there are class of Questions that are best Answered by real People. And although AnooX search engine captures the "Crowd Wisdom" into the results of the search engine, and as such it is a step in that direction, there are class of Questions that can only be addressed by real People. So imagine having a Million+ people ready to Answer your Questions! Imagine that power and value! Well that is what AnooX Ask & Answer service gives you.

Why real People would want to Answer my Questions?
There are many reasons for why you would want to Answer member Questions, that is Share your Knowledge with others, they range from:
  1. By Sharing your knowledge, you will be able to connect with other members who find your Answer, your knowledge, valuable, which networking affect can benefit you and your Web site in innumerous ways.

  2. Each Answer that you post which receives a Thumbs-Up, will earn you 1 Point for each Thumbs-Up received. Each Answer that you post which receives a good Comment, will earn you 1 Point for each Comment posted. And the higher your AnooX points the more trusted member you then are, which is what other members look for in connecting with someone else.

  3. You can even earn Free Advertising for answering Questions. That is for each Answer that you post which receives a Thumbs-Up, you will earn 1 AnooX credit, which credits auto-convert into display of your Free Ad. More Details.

Coming Soon: You can specify that you want to Submit your Question/Job for a Fee, and specify how much you want to pay for the Answer and then members whom have specified that they want to Answer questions for a Fee will submit to you their interest to Answer your question which will include a link to their Professional qualifications as well as the number of Thumbs-Up that they have already gotten. From which list you can then select the one that you like most upon which they will provide you the Answer to your Question and only if you indicate that you are 100% Satisfied with their Answer they will be paid.