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AnooX Social Networking based Search engine: Find by Crowd Wisdom

The Goal of AnooX is to be the Social networking based search & connection engine where YOU the members control the results based on your Inputs and your Sharing of your knowledge with others. Put simply, the goal of AnooX is to harness the "Crowd Wisdom" to Answer your questions. Because even though Google and like Big Corporate search engines have 10s of Billions of Dollars to get 10s and 1000s of Machines, ultimately the only way to ensure non-biased and truth-based Answers is via YOU, aka "Crowd Wisdom".

Also by Sharing your knowledge, beside helping to get the truth out, AnooX Social network will then enable you to connect with other members who appreciate your knowledge, which networking affect can benefit you and your Web site in innumerous ways.

So we are going about these objectives in 2 ways:

  1. By allowing you to affect the search results via Inputting your knowledge into the search results - More Details
  2. By allowing you to Ask questions from AnooX members, Answer questions and indicate which Answers you Like most - More Details

Why AnooX can be the better search engine for certain Questions?