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How YOU, aka Crowd Wisdom, controls our Search Results

AnooX search engine is powered by YOU, aka "Crowd Wisdom". That is our Search results are first machine generated but there after they are totally controlled by your Knowledge and Inputs, and it is this collected Knowledge, aka the "Crowd Wisdom", that we present in response to Search queries.
You can Input your knowledge into the AnooX search engine results in the following ways:
You can post Reviews about the Businesses (Web sites) that appear under the search results, thus sharing your knowledge about that Business (listing) with others. Imagine being able to read peoples experiences and feed backs about Business (listings) that show under a given search engine result, well with AnooX you can!
You can Like Business (Web sites) that are listed under a given search result, in which case the search results under that Keyword will change as per your Like and of course Like Votes of all others. This way democratically, based on 1 man 1 Vote, the search results are continuously updated.
You can mark a listing as being: SPAM, Broken, Rubbish or Off-Topic. In this way when a listing receives sufficient similar reports from others members, then it will be automatically moved to another topic, or moved down in rankings or completely deleted from the search results.

WARNING: We have a ZERO SPAM & FAKE Click policy.