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How to get FREE Ad for My Indexed Web Site?

To get a FREE Ad from AnooX you need to generate your Anoox button and place it on your Site. Once you do this then we will show your FREE Ad until we have send you matching FREE Traffic for each unique click on your Anoox button.

Of course the other reason for wanting to place your Anoox button on your site is that People visiting your site by clicking on this button will then be able to network with you via your Anoox Social Network which by itself will BOOST your Site Traffic for FREE by connecting you and your Web site visitors.

To generate your FREE Ad and associated Anoox button just follow these Steps:

Log into your Anoox Social Network account. If you do not have an Anoox Social Network account, sign-up. Sign-up is free and will take only few minutes.
Click on "Creat New Free Ad" and then proceed to enter your Web site URL and associated FREE Ad, on which URL you are going to place your Anoox button. The system will then generate the HTML code (which is a URL) for your Anoox button.
Copy & Paste the HTML code for your generated Anoox button to your Web page along with the Anoox button imagec that you want, which button image graphic you can grab here.

That is it. Once you take the above Steps and place your Anoox Social Network button on your Web site, then for each unique click on this button you will earn Anoox Points, which Points will automatically result in display of your FREE Ads and FREE Traffic being sent to your Site.

Please NOTE: 1- Your Anoox button needs to be on the home-page of your Site for our Traffic Bot to see your button and to confirm your account for getting FREE Traffic. 2- You can monitor the FREE Traffic sent to your Site due to your Anoox Social Network button by logging into your AnooX account and clicking on "My Free Ads" and then "My Free Traffic".

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