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Anoox Acceptable Usage Policy ZERO SPAM & Fake Messages
Anoox non-profit Social Search Network offers you many free services for sharing what you know and like toward our Collective goal of operating the People Powered Search Engine, getting the best answers out, getting the truth out, and for doing so connecting with new people and getting more Free traffic. We also offer you a few personal productivity tools, the most important of which is my-2nd-brain. So to prevent, wanted or unwanted, abuse of our services, we have prepared the following list of what is considered to be Acceptable Usage Policy and what would be considered to be SPAM or NOT Acceptable Usage which can result in an account being summarily closed, since for the benefit of members and public at large, we have ZERO SPAM Policy.

So to get the most of your Anoox services, please read the brief notes below for what makes a Good and Acceptable Usage and what makes for SPAM and NOT Acceptable Usage Policy. Because the more active you are on Anoox, the more you will get out of this network, and SPAM and NOT Acceptable Usage Policy can result in immediate account suspension or even being entirely banned form this Site.

There are 2 distinct Sides to Anoox:
Public Side. The Public facing Anoox services are: the search engine inputs, conversations posted Public & news articles. Via these Public facing services, you are to share what you know and like, toward our collective goal of operating the People Powered Search Engine, getting the best answers out, getting the truth out, and for doing so connecting with new people and getting more Free traffic. Via these services, you may NOT post any personal information, such as your Site URL, or any self promoting info, as such info would be considered to be SPAM.
Private Side. These Anoox services are: My-2nd-brain, Conversations posted Private, Polls & Blogs. Via these Anoox services which are for your Private discussions and benefit, you may post whatever you like [1], from your Site URL, to photos of yourself or business, etc.(*), since these services are to be used by you and at your discretion with your selected circle of friends and colleagues and will not be broadcast to Anoox members or listed on the Public pages.
There are also actions which althought not clearly SPAM fall within NOT Acceptable Usage Policy which may also result in your access to Anoox services to be suspended, they are:
Self-serving Comments & Answers. It is not acceptable to post a Comment or Answer, where you are saying little in the answer but listing your Site URL in that answer, because such action can quickly become a SPAM. It is Ok to include your Site URL in an answer but only at the bottom of the answer and in clear support of the mass of arguments that you have made in the content of the answer above the URL.
Multiple Site Submission About Same. It is not NOT Acceptable Usage policy to Submit multiple Sites for Indexing about the same content on your Site. So for example it is NOT Acceptable Usage policy to Submit the home-page or your Site, the contact page, the buy page, etc., only Submit the home-page. The exception to this rule is that if there are clearly different stories (content) on your Site, such as your Site is a News Site where of course different stories appear under it.
Friend-ing. Only send a Friend-ing request to a member that you have clear shared interest with as per a Anoox conversation that you have both been involved in and believe that you can help each other by joining each others network.
Private Messaging. Only Private Message a member if either you have been in a Public conversation with that member which has lead you to believe that sending a PM to this member is the best way to complete the discussion, or the member has a product or service that you like and you are sending them a PM because you are interested in their product or service. And never send a member you do not know asking them to check out your Site.
[1] Whatever content that you post on Anoox must be free of Hate speech, must abide by generally accepted laws, and must not infringe on any Copy rights.