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Anoox Feature Release History List
Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective supported by a Global team of Technologists and Volunteers is always working on adding new features and services. In this page we are listing in descending date order some of new features, upgrades & events. So you can stay abreast of new offerings and what is happening with this amazing one of a kind non-profit Search engine & Social network dedicated to empowering YOU on Main Street
My-2nd-Brain Contact feature:
You can now add/view Contact information to your My-2nd-Brain notes in real time - Details - Overview
  • Anoox My-2nd-Brain has become the Hub of daily lives for Millions of People for it empowers you to remember everything as you type
  • From your Travel plans, to Job searches, to Home improvements, to Hotel reservations, etc. etc. etc.
  • And for sometime members been asking for ability to be able to view and add Contact notes to listings in real time
  • This feature has now been added
  • You can now see in your My-2nd-Brain results lists a section called
  • If you have not contacted that person/business you will see
    in gray in front of "Contacted:"
  • If you have contacted them you will see
    in Green in front of "Contacted:"
  • In that section you will also see an
    button in Blue which you can click on to add a Contact note for this listing
  • To add a Contact note then just click the "Add" button and a new window pops up where you can add a note that you have contacted them
  • The contact note is then instantly added to and becomes viewable for that listing
  • You can see your prior contact notes about a listing by holding your mouse over the contact history icon
  • And all this is done via SPA (Single Page Application) to make you as efficient and productive as possible
Submit Sites from your Site:
You can now embed a simple iframe Code in your Site to Submit Sites to Anoox Search engine directly from your Site - for FREE - Details
Submitting Sites for Indexing:
We have made it easier for you to Submit Sites from your Site to Anoox Search engine for Indexing - Details
  • You can now easily Submit Sites for Indexing to Anoox Search engine from your Site by following our simple API for this purpose
  • To do so simply POST your Form from your Site to ""
  • And in the form Input have 2 Text fields named: "url" & "email"
  • Make sure both the url & email fields are filled before submitting them to Anoox for Indexing or the submission will fail
  • Make sure to inform your Site visitors to enter valid email since Anoox will send them an email link to click on before their Site is Indexed
  • This way you can add much sticky to your Site since your Site visitors can now Submit their Sites to Anoox directly from your Site
  • Inform your Site visitors as to great value this is for them since they can have their Sites Indexed and hence get free Traffic from Anoox the only non-profit Search engine & powered by Crowd wisdom
Upgrade to Likes & Follows:
We have made enhancements to system of Like you and Follow you and resulting more Free Traffic - Details | Overview
  • You are now featured more broadly through out the Search engine & Social network when you are a Trusted member
  • You become a Trusted member when minimum of 10 members Like you or minimum of 5 Follows you
  • All your posts to your Anoox Book now are automatically broadcast to members who are Following you, aka your Anoox Private Network (APN)
  • The exception is when you post to your Anoox Book and mark the post as Personal
  • You can now view members who have Liked you and/or Following you
  • You can now get more Free Traffic as per the number of members who are Following you
  • Conversely now when someone posts SPAM or FAKE messages they can be penalized with loss of their Follows
  • Via the new system members here to do Good will be rewarded more & faster and those here to post SPAM or FAKE will be penalized and terminated faster
We are Upgrading some Anoox services to much more powerful and faster Servers - NOTE: this May cause service outage Week of May/3
Event Keywords:
You can now add Keywords to your Events for better Search engine rankings & easier Social network connections - Details
  • To add Keywords enter them after you select whether your Event is Real World or Online
  • Enter minimum of 3 Keywords for Private Events
  • Enter 10 or more Keywords for Public Events
  • Your entered Keywords will automatically bind and populate once your Event is launched
  • You can view your selected Keywords from your Event Dashboard screen
  • You can update your Keywords if you are a Premium member
March 2021
Upgrade :
We are working to Upgrade Anoox to be more powerful and faster - Details - NOTE: this May cause service outage Week of March 29th
  • We are working to Upgrade the Anoox main servers to be much more power powerful and faster
  • This Upgrade will result in processing speeds which will enable us to serve you our ever growing community faster and better
  • This Upgrade should enable us to Scale to handle 1000s of Concurrent users without any service slow-down
  • This Upgrade may result in some outage and downtime, although we hope this will be either totally avoided or kept to minutes
  • If during this time you notice the Site is not responding please wait few Hours and try again
  • If you want to Help us with this Upgrade to go smooth, please Donate generously now
  • If you are a Linux Super Admin (LSA) and want to help us with this please contact us to Volunteer
With new Anoox Event you can organize Events from Personal to Business to Political for groups of 10 to 1-Million - Summary | Detail Overview
  • To create an Event just log into your Anoox Social networking account and click on Organize Event
  • You will be able to designate whether the Event is a location based Event with physical address or an Online Event
  • You will be able to designate whether the Event is open be to anyone or only people by invitation can Join it
  • If you designate an Event to be by invitation only then you will be prompted to create a Password for it
  • You can then provide this Event password to those whom you want to allow to join this Event
  • If an Event is by invitation only, then people wanting to join this Event will have to provide this password before they can join
  • You can designate whether an Event is one time or recurring
  • You will be able to enter detailed description of the Event
  • You will be attach Photos, Videos and Polls to your Event
  • You can then click to Publish (Create) your Event
  • Once your Event is created you can then have People read it and join it by simply passing to them the URL of your Event
  • People will then be able to Join your Event by just clicking the "Join This Event" button from your Event page
  • Once someone Joins your Event you will be informed of this new person having Joined your Event
  • You will be able to have free flowing discussions with People who have Joined your Event
  • Event owner will be able to post Notes to the Event that will be broadcast to all members of Event so you can easily inform all Event participants of changes
    • To post a Note to an Event for broadcasting to Event members - log into your Anoox account
    • Go to your selected Event page
    • From top of the page Click on "Manage This Event" tab
    • From window that pops up select "Post a Note to this Event"
    • Enter your Note and select whether it should be broadcast via email to all Members
    • Click to "Submit Event Note" and within 1 Hour all members will be informed of this Note
  • Event owner will be able to Reject any member from an Event
    • To Reject a member from your Event, go to the URL of the Event - of course logged into your Anoox account
    • Click on "Event Members" button which will load the members of this Event
    • Hold your Mouse over member you want to Reject, a window will pop up with Reject label
    • Click this button which will then instantly Reject this member from your Event
    • Note once you Reject a member from your Event they will not be able to Join it again
  • Event owner will be able to Ban any member from posting comments to the Event for designated number of days
    • To Ban a member for few days from commenting on your Event, go to the URL of the Event - of course logged into your Anoox account
    • From top of the page Click on "Manage This Event" tab
    • From window that pops up select "Ban Member for Few Days"
    • Enter the nick-name of member you want to Ban, for how many days they are to be Banned and reason for the Ban
    • If you change your mind later, from same window you can click to "Remove" them from ban list
Events is another Free Advertising supported service of Anoox non-profit Social network - Start My Advertising
Search engine Update:
Faster more robust search results with new Search History for members - Details
  • You can now have special characters (&, ?, etc.) in your search Keywords
  • Your searches are now automatically saved under your search history as Anoox social network member
  • You can view your search history for 60 days as Free members & 365 days as Premium members
  • You can click to Bookmark your selected search items from your search history - there is NO limit to number of Sites you can Bookmark
  • Your search history is only accessible to you via your Anoox social network dashboard
  • You can see listings you have Liked for each item searched for via the search history
  • You can see listings you have Reported for each item searched for via the search history
  • You can see listings you have Reviewed for each item searched for via the search history
  • Advertiser Ads are now more targeted and more visible (stand out) in the Search results
    {Want to Advertise to the Millions of People that are using Anoox, the only non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective - Go Here}
Chat Service Update:
You can now have Anonymous Chat and more features - Details
We have made some major Updates to Anoox Chat service, as per your requests and as per the situation that Covid-19 crisis finds us all in
  • You can now have totally Anonymous chat World Wide, you do this by keeping Recording Off
  • All chat sessions now start with Recording Off, which you can opt to Turn On or keep on Off
  • If Chat room recording is kept on Off, then your Chat session will be totally Anonymous
  • So if a Government body comes to us to turn over your Chat transcript, we will not be able to do so, because we wont have any to turn over
  • To turn Chat recording Off or ON, click on the Hamburger button which is on lower corner of your Chat room and from the window that pops open do so
  • People that you now invite to your Chat room will only be able to enter your Chat room if you are already logged into your Chat room
  • You can now Kick someone from your Anoox Chat room, beside the Mute capability that was already there
  • To Kick someone from your Chat room, hold your Mouse over their nickname under the "In Room" panel and from windows that pop up click on Kick button which will instantly Kick them out
  • If you Kick someone from your Chat room, they will not be able to log-in again during that Chat session. But they will be able to login in a future Chat session. If you want to permanently Ban them from your Chat room, just remove them from your Contact list
  • To address the demands of Covid-19 crisis forcing us all to work and meet online, even more than before, you can now have more People in your Anoox Chat contact list. You can now have up to 20 as a Free member and up to 100 as Premium member
  • Now there is much more relevant Advertising showing to People (you and your guests) in your Chat room, based on what is being discussed. And our Chat room Bot that analyses your Chat messages to show you this more relevant Ads, does so in real time, so it does not Track you at all
    {Want to Advertise to the Millions of People that are using Anoox, the only non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective, including our amazing Anonymous Chat - Go Here}
Member Ban Feature:
You can Ban a member from posting further comments to an article (question, discussion, video, etc.) that you have posted - Details
After many Years of many Members asking for ability to Ban someone from your posted articles, we have implemented this feature. So you can now Ban a Member from posting further comments to your posted article for a certain number of Days. Once you do this, they will no longer be able to post a Comment to your article until either Ban expires or you Remove them from the Ban list. Here is how you work this:
  • Log into your Anoox Social Networking account
  • Goto your selected article, you do this by clicking on the Go-To icon (blue arrow icon) from your articles listed on your Home page or on your Book
  • At top of this page, under panel showing your Nick as the owner of this article, see plack with label "Admin Who Can Comment On This..."
  • Click on this Panel, and a new Window will pop up
  • In this Window you will be able to enter the Nick of who you want to Ban, Number of days to Ban them and the reason for the Ban
  • Below the top where you enter whom you want to Ban, is a list of all members you have already banned from posting comments
  • To remove someone from the Ban list for this article, just click on Remove button in front of their name
  • Minimum number of Days to Ban is 2, Maximum number of Days you can Ban someone is 14 as regular Member and 30 as Premium Member
Do not abuse this Power. That is we are gathered here on Anoox to discuss Today's issues to arrive at Best Answers, at the Truth, via a free flowing discussion. So do not Ban someone from your article if you do not agree with them. Only Ban them when they are clearly not engaged in an intelligent discussion and only after you given them WARNING that you are going to Ban them if they keep posting non-sense.
Hyperlink Reference Materials:
When posting an article you can now include (optional) Reference Materials Hyper-linked to source URL - Details
  • When posting a new article, which you access via the "Publish" button, click on panel "Add Optional Reference Materials"
  • A new Window will slide open, where you can enter the "Subject of the referring URL" and the URL of this Web page
  • The Reference Materials will then be attached to the bottom of your article for readers to click on
  • You can include up to 5 Reference Material URLs as regular Member and up to 15 as Premium Member
Free Traffic Exchange Update:
Process of linking to Anoox with your Anoox button to get more Free Traffic for clicks on your button made easier - Details
  • There is now a single unified page for creating your Anoox button for linking to Anoox - here
  • You can generate your Anoox button for linking to Anoox to get Free Traffic even if you are not an Anoox member
  • You can look up your various Sites that you have Submitted to Anoox by just entering your email and then generate your button for that Site
It is much better for you to create your Anoox button as Anoox member, once logged into your Anoox account, since then you will be able to track the clicks on your Anoox button on your Site and will also earn Anoox credits for each unique click on your Anoox button on your Site
New Advertiser Dashboard:
New Advertiser Dashboard makes Management of Advertising more efficient, more effective & user friendly - Details
New Advertising Targeting:
You can now target your Ads based on Country, Gender & Age too - Details
Covid-19 Response:
In reply to Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns we have taken steps to help Small Businesses- Details
Small businesses are disproportionally negatively effected by the Covid-19 related shutdowns, so we are going to do all we can as the non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective to Help out:
  • We are increasing the size of articles you can Publish
  • We are increasing the Number of Members that are informed when you Post a Public article
  • We are featuring the Covid-19 related Public discussions on the Home-page for Maximum traffic
  • We are increasing the size of Videos you can post, as Free and Premium Members
  • And you can post even larger Videos up to 1 Hour long, by making a small related Donation
  • We are increasing the number of Notes you can post to your My-2nd-Brain
  • We are increasing the number of People that can be in your Chat room, from any where in the World
  • We are increasing the number of Polls you can create
  • We are lowering the opening buy to start your Advertising campaign
And we are working on Many more Steps to Help out Small businesses and Start-Ups during these difficult times, inline with our non-profit Manifesto of putting Public Service above any Profit and Share prices on Wall Street. If you can think of other ideas for Anoox to Help out, please let us know by Getting Involved
Search Engine Update:
A new Major release of Anoox Search engine where the core is much more scalable and all aspects now SPAs - Details
  • Search engine core is much more scalable now, able to handle 100,000+ concurrent searches in under 5 Milli-Seconds
  • Search results are now updated in real time with new Site Meta Data Indexed data
  • Your Review of a Site is now listed in the Search results in real time via Single Page Application (SPA) upload
  • You can see all Reviews of the Sites in the Search results by clicking on the number of Reviews for the selected Site
  • Your Like of a Site is now listed in the Search results in real time via SPA upload
  • Your Reports of a Site is now listed in the Search results in real time via SPA upload
  • Search results are now Updated every 15 Minutes for the Net of Likes less Reports
  • Plus many more updates
Anoox Privacy Manifesto:
Big Search engine & Social Networks are Tracking you, we use technologies that do not track you - Ever - Details
Book Upgrade:
We have made major updates to your Anoox Book for better easier connectivity with your World - Details
  • Your Anoox Book, contains all your Posts - all in 1 place for you to Share easily with your World - More
  • Your Anoox Book URL is now simply your nick-name added to "". So if your nick is "jxyz", your Book URL is:
Native Video Upload:
You can now attach Videos to your articles by directly uploading your Videos to Anoox - Details
  • Up until this release you could attach Videos to your articles by providing them as an iframe URL from such 3rd party sources as YouTube™, etc.
  • You can now attach Videos to your articles (question, discussion, videos, etc.) by directly uploading them from your device to Anoox
  • To do this once you are at the Publish My article page, click on the Video button icon
  • From the new window that pops up select "Upload Video from My Desktop"
  • Next click on button "Choose File" (on Chrome) or "Browse..." on FireFox etc.
  • Select your desired Video from your desktop and click Done
  • Your Video will then Upload and attach to your Question or Discussion or if you are sharing the Video the Video will be the key item to share
  • Please Note that a Video must be of Types: mp4 webm ogg
  • Max Video size to Upload for Basic Members is: 8-MB
  • Max Video size to Upload for Premium Members is: 80-MB
  • You can Upload even larger Videos by making a Donation as detailed under FAQ # 12. Keeping in mind that NO Small business Social Network is offering Native Video Upload since Video is so big in Size and hence expensive to offer for Native upload & streaming. And that is why heretofore only Big Social Media of Google™/YouTube, Facebook™, Twitter™, etc., were available for such capability
Social Network Upgrade - Member side:
We have a New Major release of the Social Network part of Anoox - Version 11 - Details
  • Once logged into your Anoox account you now land on My Home Page ("Home") from where you can easily manage all your account activities
  • On Home page from the middle top panel you can click on to Publish a new article (question, discussion, photo, etc.)
  • Below that you will find the Panel which you can click on to See the latest trending discussions - to Join
  • Below that you will see a list of post/discussions that you are likely interested in based on who you are Following, Friend-ing & Topics of interest
  • You can click on the comments button for each discussion to see a list of comments to that discussion
  • You can click on the Thumbs up button to Like it
  • Click on the Share button to Copy & Paste its URL to Share it or goto that discussion for full viewing of that discussion
  • And you can submit your comments to that discussion right from your Home page or goto its detail page
  • On the left panel you can see a List of Data, Buttons and Links regarding your Anoox Social network status and activities
  • On the right panel you see buttons to some of the most frequent activities, such as "My Conversations" and below that Advertising
  • On the top most panel you will find the buttons to all the Key activities of your Anoox account, hold your Mouse over for the detail functions for each activity
Social Network Upgrade - Public side:
We have a Total Upgrade and Major release of the Social Network part of Anoox - Version 11 - Details
This New Version 11 of Anoox Social Network is a total Upgrade to prior versions, as it sees all activities become based on SPA technologies. When you arrive at a Member article (question, discussion, photo, etc.), what they are sharing via their Anoox Social network:
  • In the Middle panel Top of course you will see the article, with any attached Multi-Media parts from Photos to Video
  • Below that are the Comments sections, where you can click to add your comments to that discussion and your comment is instantly posts via SPA technology
  • You can also click to Like that discussion, the person who has Posted it and people are who are replying to it, etc. and all such sharing of what you like will instantly posts via SPA technology
  • By posting your comment you effectively Join this group and will be informed of follow up comments by others - you can Opt out if you want
  • As you scroll to the bottom of the page additional comments will Auto upload via SPA technology, so now you have instant access/viewing of a discussion even if it has 1000s of comments
  • On the left panel you see a list of data & buttons about the Member that has posted this article
  • On the top you will see the Trust level of this Member plus their topic of interest
  • Below that you can click to Like them & Follow them, both of which activities now take effect instantly via SPA
  • You can click to Friend them, which will then send the Member your message to Friend and why you want to friend them
  • You can click to send them a secure Private Message
  • You can click to go to their Anoox Book, if they have not Password required their Book, and you can then see and join all their articles filterable by type
  • And last, you can see all their Conversations, and join them in these conversations as you like
  • On the right panel you will see related Ads - Please click to visit Advertiser Ads and support our Advertisers since they support this amazing network with their Advertising
New Affiliate System:
New version of Affiliate system. If you have a quality Site and want to make Good Money + support Good causes - Apply
My-2nd-Brain Release:
An AI-based Virtual Assistance to empower you to remember everything: be more Organized & Productive - Details | Guide
Want to help out? - Get involved