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My Site I Want To Advertise
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  • This is the URL of your Web site to which URL you want a person clicking on your Ads to arrive at

  • This URL can be a simple URL to the home-page of your Web site or a complex URL leading to a landing page which allows you to measure which one of your Anoox Ads resulted in referring the customer to your Site.
Brief Description Of My Ads
Minimum: 10 Characters
Maximum: 45 Characters
  • A good brief description of your Ads would be a phrase that best captures the Title and main offering of your Site

  • A good brief description tells the reader in few Words why they should choose you rather than another
Detailed Description Of My Ads
Minimum: 60 Characters
Maximum: 120 Characters
  • A good detailed description drives in the message as to why your prospective customer should choose to visit your Web site

  • A good detailed description could contain such material as a Special Limited Sale offering
Keywords For This Ad Group
Minimum: 4 Characters
Maximum: 30 Characters
Minimum Keyword Ads: 3
Maximum Keyword Ads: 30
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A good Keyword is a few Word Key description of what your Site is about. For example:
  • Currency Trading
  • Hotels Paris
  • Website developer Montreal
  • Apartments San Francisco
  • Office space Berlin
  • Car rental Spain
  • Law firms London
  • Online dating
  • PC sales
  • etc. etc.
Topic Of My Advertising
  • This is the Topic that your Ads are to Target

  • This is a very important selection, since based on this selection we will show your Ads to People whom are interested in this Topic, in addition to your selected Keywords

  • Although here you are selecting one Topic for all your Ads, once your Advertising account is approved you can, if you want to, give each Ad its own Topic.
GEO Area For My Ads To Target
Display my Ad World Wide - For Maximum Traffic
Display my Ad to selected Country(ies) - May select up to 5 countries
Display my Ad based on Country, ZipCode & Miles - Most restrictive
  • For maximum exposure and traffic select "Display World Wide"

  • If you want to limit your Ads to selected countries then select "Display to selected Countries"

  • For most restrictive and Targeted display, choose a specific region based on Country, Zipcode and distance of this Zipcode
My Max Advertising Budget Per Day
Minimum: $1.5 per Day
Maximum: $33 per Day
You may enter fractions
  • Your Maximum Daily budget sets your Maximum Monthly Advertising spending

  • Although you may be charged less than this budget as per actual clicks on your Ads, you will never spend more than this Maximum Daily/Monthly budget

  • Minimum Daily Budget is $1.5

  • Maximum Daily Budget is $33

  • You may enter values with fractions
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