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AnooX Affiliate Program: Earn Good Money while Doing Good

There are few opportunities where you can earn good Money while doing good. Being an AnooX Affiliate is one of these opportunities.

How so?

AnooX gives you a robust 25% commission on AnooX Advertising sales that you generate, which can lead to you earning $1000, $2000, $3000, etc. per Month in AnooX Sales commissions, if your Web site has the right traffic or you are a capable local Sales rep. But as an AnooX Affiliate you will also be doing good because unlike Google or other Wall Street backed Search Engines or Social Networks whose mandates are to Maximize profits to Maximize share prices which of course requires that they Maximize the cost of Advertising to Advertisers, AnooX is a Not-for-Profit social networking based search engine run by the Main Street for the Main Street with the mandate of delivering the lowest cost of Advertising without any profit or share price motivations. Moreover, as a Not-for-Profit we give most of what profits we do make in support of good causes such as: World Wide Fund, Universal Health Care, Universal College Education, Stop the for Profit Wars, and other good causes.

So when you sell Advertising on AnooX network as an Affiliate, you can be sure that you can make excellent commissions while delivering the lowest cost of Advertising to small businesses and while supporting good causes.