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How much does it cost to Advertise on Anoox network?

Advertising on Anoox network is on Pay-per-Click ("PPC") basis. The beauty of Anoox Advertising system is that you decide how much you want to spend on Advertising, based on how much you want to spend on Advertising per Day, which Max Daily spending budget you can set from as little as $1 per Day.

To open your Anoox Advertising account, you make an initial Deposit into your Advertising account. The cost of Clicks on your Ads are then Auto deducted from this balance on your account. With the Minimum payment to open a new Advertising account being only $50.00. Of course you can open your Advertising account with a higher initial Deposit than the Minimum amount as you want. You make this Deposit Securely via either Visa, MC or AMEX - More Info.