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Date Posted: 2015-03-05 Author: Webtizing Blog: healthtips Viewed: 459 Comments: 0 print

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is one of the greatest attributes that you can use when you're considering adding a sweetener to your tea or coffee, or even your salads. Honey is also great to use in baking, like in bread, cakes and cookies. The benefits of using honey is it this is a natural alternative to sugar, it is naturally made by bees and it is a very healthy alternative to sweeteners. Consider pouring a little honey over your mixed berries in the morning, or mix it in with your yogurt or weight loss drink. You can also use it in a dessert like with Philo dough and almonds to make a sweet treat.

Healthy Ways To Use Honey

Here are a few ways and health tips for using honey. Honey has a lot of therapeutic uses, and the most well known factor in using honey is that it may help to alleviate colds, coughs, aid in congestion and breathing problems. Honey has a very good healing effect on the body and you can actually just eat a spoonful a day and may feel its therapeutic effects. Other therapeutic effects include help with congestion and dry mouth and other homeopathic remedies that its used for.

Because it's naturally made also serves as an antioxidant and it can also be used as a paste when you want to make a soothing serum to aid with a cold. You can combine it with ginger, a little garlic, cayenne pepper and lemon, boil it down and swallow a teaspoonful every few hours to help with your cold. Sip hot tea while you do it for an added effect. Because it can soothe the throat, we know that it is very therapeutic and used commonly in cough drops and cough suppressants. So the next time you’re tempted to reach for the sugar or even the over the counter cough syrup, try a little honey first. You might not need anything else.

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