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Member Since: 2015-07-21
My Topic of Interest: Health
My Location: City: Surakarta | Country: Indonesia
My Anoox Points Level: 10
My Country IP Flag:
My gender is: male
My age is: 35
My Name: Solomurah, Grosirbatiksolo
My Phone: 085728065344

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My Work, My Hobbies & Miscelanous Info
My Web Site
My Current Job I am the owner of solomurah
My Hobbies: gardening, singing, cycling
What I am offering: Seragam Batik Kantor,Batik Sekolah dan Kantor, Seragam Batik Sekolah, Batik Seragam Sekolah, Seragam Kain Batik, Kain Seragam Batik, Batik Kain Seragam, Seragam Batik Kain, Batik Seragam Murah, Seraga
What I am looking for: buyer of my batik production
Accepts Private Message: yes

Visiting: grosirbatiksolo

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