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Member Since: 2012-08-25
My Topic of Interest: Health
My Location: City: Cape Town | Country: South Africa
My Anoox Points Level: 122
My Country IP Flag:
My gender is: male
My age is: 49
My Name: Moosa, Lubega
My Phone: +27783261944

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My Work, My Hobbies & Miscelanous Info
My Web Site
My Current Job I have divine spiritual powers that enable you connect to your forefathers or
ancestors, Spirit even if deceased family,Lover.I gives you guidance in life and
i offer accurate healing to your problems
My Hobbies: Spiritual healing,Herbal cure,Spell caster,Native healing,Dream Interpretations,Counseling,Free fortune reading,Traditional healing,Incantation with the spirits,Mirror reading,Talking with spirits
What I am offering: I Work Through spirits,Ancestors,Talismans,Candles,Traditional healing,Spiritual healing,Crystals And casting Variety Of magic Spells,Including Herbal cure,And Elements Of Nature healing treatments.
What I am looking for: I assist people from all over the world especially those suffering from different kind of natural problems such as Lost relationships,Financial difficulties,Misfortunes, Illnesses and other problems
Accepts Private Message: yes

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