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Question By Real_News
Viewed: 2,057,002
9 months 2 weeks ago
9 months 2 weeks ago
How come US states are having surging Covid-19 and not Canadian states?
Politics USA, Politics Europe, Health
Every day we keep hearing about Surging record Covid-19 cases in US states but not in Canadian states. Why is that?

To be exact: take the case of Vancouver British Columbia and Charleston SC, to see this Bizarre difference. First some facts which are key to spread of a Virus, that is population density and travel to source of the virus:

1- Vancouver BC's largest city has population density of 14,226/sq mi [1]. Charleston SC's largest City has population density of 1,152/sq mi [2]. This means Vancouver has population density more than TEN times that of Charleston. Not TWO times, but TEN times.

2- VanCouver had 100s of direct flights from China, even from Wuhan the supposed source of the Virus. Charleston had ZERO direct flights from China. In fact up until Canada suspended flights from China, VanCouver had 118 direct flights DAILY from China. More than JFK, Los Angeles or San Francisco! [3]

So based on the above facts Covid-19 cases in BC & Vancouver should be 1000s of times that of SC/Charleston. But it is the opposite! That is Covid-19 cases in SC Charleston are TEN times higher than BC/Vancouver:
With SC reporting Deaths [4] that are more than 10 times of BC/Vancouver reporting Deaths [5]

And here is another killer fact: BC/Vancouver has never had and does not have mandatory wearing of Face Masks [6], whereas SC/Charleston does have such mandatory Face Mask wearing [7]!

The above facts means that adjusting for population density, United State & City of SC/Charleston has Covid-19 rate that is 100 times worse than BC/Vancouver! And that is not factoring in the 100s of daily flights from China & Wuhan China into BC/Vancouver vs ZERO such flights from China to SC/Charleston.

So Why does USA State/City of SC/Charleston has Covid-19 cases/deaths that are 100 times worse than BC/Vancouver??????
Adjusting for population density.

There are only few logical answers.
These answers are not Biblical, nor are they Mystical. But science & political based.
The answer is that Canada has Universal Socialized Healthcare [C1] [C2], what Republicans call "Socialism" "Communism" [C3] and oppose and what Obama/Biden Democrats did not even propose and instead passed a healthcare plan proposed by the ultra right-wing of Republican party [O1] [O2]

Now consider what else has been Surging in USA beside the "Surging Covid-19 cases"? Gun violence as you can see here: [8] [9]
Which of course would be the case when you have a Government that shutsdown everything to supposedly save us from Covid-19, while orders Gun Stores to open [10]. Think about it: you could not go to a Gym, Library, Bookstore, etc., but you could go to a Gun Store to buy Guns to make the already horrendous Gun violence in USA [11] even worse! And going back to Charleston SC our reference city, just today the husband of the College of Charleston Provost was shut dead in broad day light [11-B].

But beside "Surging Covid-19 cases" and Surging Gun violence, across USA, something else has been Surging too. That is Wall Street [12] been Surging! Think about it: while American City/States are having Covid-19 cases 100 times worse than Canadian City/States, so much so that Europe has banned Americans from Europe but Canadians can go there at will [13], while we are having record Gun violence across USA, while we are having all these horrible news/facts about life in USA, Wall Street been Surging!

So the logical question becomes, Why are we not hearing about these damning facts from Wall Street based Big Media of: ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, WaPo, huffpost, NYT, WSJ, etc. etc.? Why do they keep Fear-Mongering about Covid-19, without ever asking:

"Why do USA States/Cities such as South Carolina Charleston have 100 times Covid-19 deaths of Canada BC/Vancouver, When BC/Vancouver had 100s of daily flights from China vs ZERO such flights for SC Charleston and BC/Vancouver NEVER had requirements to wear the (dehumanizing) $5 Face Masks????"
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