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Discussion By real_patriot
Viewed: 765,735
2 months 3 weeks ago
2 months 3 weeks ago
Europe has banned Americans. Why are we still giving Free Military to Europe?
Scams & Frauds, Politics World, Politics USA
Europe Union announced it is banning Americans from Europe. Along with Russians and some other poor 3rd World countries! Due to rising Covid-19 cases. While it is allowing in Canadians, Australians, South Koreans, etc., countries whom all have Universal socialized healthcare that USA does not.

But while we American citizens are barred from Europe, our American troops going to Europe, more than 100,000, to provide Europe with FREE Military protection, aka NATO, at cost of 100s of Billions per Year to us American People! So Why are we American People barred from Europe while our American troops going to Europe to give FREE Military protection to Europe, aka NATO? What kind of BIZARRE logic is that!

Even more bizarrely WHY are we American People who are poorer than Europeans, giving FREE Military protection to Richer Europe to begin with?
Specially now when EU does not have an enemy that it cannot crush on her own! Since USSR does not exist and German economy alone is larger than Russian economy! Assuming Russia was an enemy of
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Europe which she is not.

So why not pull the US troops from Richer EU and invest that Money in poor American People & Cities by providing American People Universal socialized healthcare, Universal college education, invest in High speed trains, renewable energy; all of which Social services Europeans already have and investments they are making in Europe.

What is the answer to above bizarre contradictions?
Why no opposition parties in USA or members of Big Media asking these key questions!
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