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Joined: 2016-10-12
Location: Netherlands
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Posted On: 2016-11-21 18:26:24
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Why aren't more Anoox members adding site reviews or clicking likes?

How is it possible that with over 1 million Anoox members there's not one website review written on the first 3 pages if you do a Q&A search that's for me the biggest mystery, you should think that there would be more people doing that right?

If more members would do that we could make this so much more valuable because I found too many site links were broken which I reported and I also found one particular affiliate promo just too many times listed and it just looks like one person is flooding this network with spam.

If you want to know my opinion I think that these are really crappy results and it's even worse because on the 3rd page I was limited to report more pages otherwise I had to report 5 more pages as spam, the 3rd page had 5 sites with exactly the same affiliate promo.
That's more than half of one results page!
Why is this happening and how can we all do something about these issues?
I would love to read what you think about this and what could be done about it?

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Points: 23 | Trainer

2 months 3 weeks ago

As a small business owner I really like Anoox.
Only thing I want to know is why I do not read about it anywhere and just happened to find it by accident!
After all, this is a God sent network for small business owner!
I a thinking that we do not hear about this Anoox because it is a non-profit dedicated to much lower cost of Advertising for small businesses and that is why Big Wall Street Media do not cover it. Agree?


Points: 201 | Guru

3 months 1 day ago

Well Google is backed by 10s of Billions of Dollars of Wall Street (Military Industrial Complex).
Anoox is a non-profit that is backed by donations and volunteers, dedicated to putting People over Profits.

Who do you think will win in above competition? Wall Street or People? As per elections we just had in US where Trump the darling of Wall Street & MIC won, you have your answer.
makilo 3 months 1 day ago

I agree. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Wall Street tentacles are the Matrix.
Anoox is like the space that we Humans can get to to get away from this Mind wash. Who
do you think is winning? Or more important who will win?
So we only have ourselves to blame for the mess we find ourselves in due to allowing
Wall Street media lies to rule our lives and Google is a key part of this SCAM on us, a
very pretty face of it, but a key part of it.

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Points: 139 | Scholar

3 months 2 days ago

Well Anoox is the repository for Peoples likes and knowledge. So if large number of People reply to an item, then Anoox will produce the best results in that regard free of Wall Street biases. If not, then it will not.
So if Anoox results are "Crappy" in regard to an issue, you only need to look at the mirror for why.
Case in point, Anoox predicted the results of the Presidential election to be the sociopath Trump, when no one in Big media was, because large number of people replied to this question. Here:

So, Anoox is about People Power. But if People rather not exercise that Power and instead have Wall Street Billionaires via CNN, Fox, Google, etc. think for them, then so it will be.
RicardoPenders1982 3 months 2 days ago

Don't get me wrong, when I referred to the "crappy results" I was talking about the people
who clearly don't get the point and don't see the value of Anoox...

I love Anoox and you wouldn't see me talk or write bad about it.

It's really bothering me with more than a million members there's so little engagement,
and you can search anything, you'll see that there are almost no reviews on the sites and
there are many broken links and a lot of spam. I already wrote 70 reviews myself...

World_Traveler 3 months 2 days ago

Ricardo, yes I know exactly what you mean. That is Anoox search engine idea is absolutely
great. I mean what is cooler than a search engine that We The People control and one that
is also non-profit so that it passes maximum value to us. But Anoox search engine results
will only be real good if we People in large numbers start using it and sharing what they
know and like. Until they do that then Anoox search results maybe crappy since it is an
engine Powered by the People.

World_Traveler 3 months 2 days ago

So what is indeed amazing is that People do not realize by getting their information from
Wall Street based Google, when Wall Street is behind so much evil, such as 100-Million
Americans not having Healthcare so that Wall Street Billionaire class can make $1-Trillion
per Year more from Healthcare, damn be how many 10s of 1000s of Americans this lack of
Healthcare kills per Year, that they are at mercy of this (potential) Wall Street evil,
while by supporting this non-profit Anoox we

World_Traveler 3 months 2 days ago

will be free of this Wall Street evil. So how is it that with all the good that this Anoox
can bring "We The People", more People are not using Anoox and hence making the search
results better for our Collective freedom and well being, is amazing indication of how so
many People are so easily controlled by Wall Street Rich/Media.

melo_mushrom 3 months 1 day ago

WT, that is too much Truth man. But I am afraid average person is so brain washed by Wall
Street (CBS, CNN, Fox, Google, etc.) to not know these Truths!

I mean, given above facts, you would think that People would be rushing to Anoox to at
least have an alternative to Google. But alas average person is so brain washed by Wall
Street Billions that they are "Shooting themselves in the foot" by not supporting and
taking advantage of this Anoox in a much more major way.

RicardoPenders1982 2 months 3 weeks ago

Hey there World_Traveler & melo_mushrom when I see you writing so extensive about Sesame
Street I understand you have a little obsession going on there...

What's so special about them? They are the real EVIL, bullies who get under your skin
and make your blood boil and they never go away...

And the solution is so easy and right there but most of you just don't see it, even when
it's right > IN-YOUR-FACE <

What's the answer?

Are you awake?

RicardoPenders1982 2 months 3 weeks ago

I will give you a valuable tip!

What do you do with a bullie when you're still a kid?

What did your parents tell you to do?

It's exactly the same online and it works even better if everybody did the same thing
for just 7 days... I want you to to give the right answer, it's just one powerful word I'm
looking for.... c'mon guys..!

What's the word?

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Points: 530 | DemiGOD

3 months 3 days ago

Well Anoox is a People powered Volunteer based Search network funded mainly by Donations.
OTOH, Google is a Wall Street based Mega Goliath, funded with more Billions that most Military budgets of the World. And of course Wall Street based Big Media is telling People 99.9999999999% of time to use Google, FB, Twitter, etc. Wall Street media outlets, so that Wall Street can have ever more total control of what people think and buy and never mentioning Anoox and other such People powered non-profit networks which would free People's mind and buying from Wall Street controls. So if Anoox search results are "Crappy" in certain areas, you only have the People to blame. And the People have Wall Street to blame for telling them how to think. With that said, I have seen over last few years, ever greater number of People becoming aware of Anoox and how awesome it is for putting US in charge of the search results.

There is a gr8 article here:
World_Traveler 3 months 2 days ago

I guess only in mythical World David beats Goliath. In real world the "Wall Street based
Mega Goliath of Google, Fox, CNN, etc....", they always control what people think. Sorry,
to be bearer of Truth.

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Points: 256 | DemiGOD

3 months 3 days ago

1st, there is literally infinite search results since this is a search engine so search terms can be entered in natural language which has infinite permutations.

2nd, most People are too brain washed by BIG Wall Street Money/Media, to think for themselves, that there is this non-profit search engine Anoox that "We the People" can control via our Collective knowledge, and instead like Sheep they go to Google BIG Wall Street Money/Media search engine to be told by the Wall Street bosses via their boy Google what they should think, do and buy.
Yes2goodideas 3 months 3 days ago

Yes, "Sheep to the slaughter..." is a very apt metaphor.
But you know I think it is only matter of time for Anoox to become a World Wide phenom.
And then just watch it, since Anoox search results will be crappy if small number of
People are sharing their know-how and the best if most people World Wide start doing it.

World_Traveler 3 months 2 days ago

Well, not every one is a Sheep and not every one can be kept as a Sheep for ever. So
although I agree with core of your message, I think more and more People will wake up to
the beautiful Choice that this Anoox non-profit social search network provides us. And
that is why I am here and so are many Millions. So, lets spread the Word. Or "BIG Wall
Street Money/Media" will think for US.

RicardoPenders1982 3 months 2 days ago

Hey Faxonly, Yes2goodideas and World_Traveler, first of all I want to thank you all for
the great comments, I really appreciate and value your opinions, suggestions or

You might want to know that I'm watching you like a hawk guys and there's one thing that
I don't understand from all of you, why the hell didn't any of you put your website URL on
your profile page or took a few minutes time to at least fill in the details?

That's crazy not to share that or am I the crazy person?

RicardoPenders1982 3 months 2 days ago

I know that I will probably do ten times as much as all of you together so I know that I'm
not normal but if you guys would do a little bit more and maybe do a little bit of
research on those who take the time to engage on your own actions you start to see some
interesting things about them, it's just a tip!

I'm seeing some patterns arising on people's behavior...

Any of you interested in helping me with my research on the Anoox platform?

makilo 3 months 1 day ago

Ricardo, it is because many People do not have a Web Site. Or like me work for a Big
company and we do not want to advertise the Big company we work for.

And yes, Sure.

RicardoPenders1982 3 months 54 minutes ago

Ok, I didn't even realize that you don't even have a website... It has become so normal
for me that I really believed that most of you did have your own domain and website...
OMG, I can't even compute that...

makilo 2 months 3 weeks ago

Well you have to keep in mind that there are 2 main type of people here:
1- Small businesses who are looking to get more Traffic to their site
2- People who are looking to get the Truth out

And for the 2nd group, having a website or getting traffic to our Site, is not the
reason why we are here. But getting the Truth out via discussing today's news with like
minded people is the reason for being here.

Truther 2 weeks 22 hours ago

Here's some powerful health truth for you all..

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