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Banner Advertising Overview

It is indeed the case that a picture is worth a 1000 Words and that is why Anoox Ad Banner Advertising will deliver to your Web site the highest boost in Traffic and resulting Sales, because our Ad Banner Advertising program will allow you to advertise your Web site in full color targeted to your intended audience based on the Topic of your Ad, up to 10 selected Keywords and the Geographic location you want to Target.

KEY Points about Anoox Ad Banner Advertising Program

We offer 2 types of Ad banners:

(1) Leader Board Ad banner which is 728 by 90 Pixels. This type of Ad banner will appear as the only Ad banner on top of a given page. This means when you buy a Leader Board Ad Banner, when people search on Anoox Network using one or more of your keywords, then we will display only your Ad banner on top of the related web page.

This sample is to actual Size

(2) Square Ad banner which is 180 by 150 Pixels. This type of Ad banner will appear along with up to 2 other similar size Ad banners from other Advertisers on the right side of the page.

This sample is to actual Size
Your Ad banners will appear through out the AnooX network when people search for matching Keywords or show interest in the subject matter that your Advertising is about.
When you open an Ad banner Advertising account, you will also be able to create up to 10 Text Text based Keyword Ads under the same account at no additional up front cost, but paid for based on Pay-Per-Click basis from the same amount that you paid to buy your Ad banner(s).
Acceptable file types for an Ad banner is either: JPG, GIF or PNG.
Ad banners with GIF Animation are acceptable, as long as the Animation is not tacky and is in good taste.