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Topic: Metals
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Posted On: 2012-08-20 10:30:59
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How do I turn Iron into Steel?

I have lots of old iron pots and pans around, and do not like how they rust.
They make food taste yukkie, amongst other bad things.
Can I turn these Iron Pots into Stainless Steel? If yes how?


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2 years 6 months ago

To turn Iron into steel you need to melt the Iron and blow air into it to remove teh carbon, then add a lit bit iof carbon to allow it to cool... 1000 degres plus.

May also be done adding chemicals to molten iron...

Electroplating will most likely be a easier and better solutions to your problem.
Regal 2 years 6 months ago

Thanks for that info.
So i guess it is out of question for an avg person to turn Iron into Steel :(
I mean how the hek am I going to get to 1000 degrees plus!

Ans are you sure about your answer?
That is 1st we need to remove Carbon and then add Carbon back in! What t he HEK!

TrafficProducer 2 years 6 months ago

Yes, so far as I know, because it is very difficult to remove the Carbon and leave a
little bit in... It is easier just to remove all the carbon then add the amount of carbon

Iron has a lot more carbon that Steel and this makes Iron brittle, but Steel needs a
small amount of carbon to make it strong.... just not too much.

I have heard that some Backsmiths can do it by beating and then folding the iron a few
times while at about 800-900 degrees and this drives the Carbon out..

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